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I’m dancing for you from the other side of the room

‘I’m dancing for you from the other side of the room’ 2012 Hossein Ghaemi & Hyun Jung Cho. Curated by Benjamin Ryan at Sawtooth ARI Launceston, Tasmania. With his extremely rich and unique visual language, Ryan exposes a multi-layered and unfolding site to connect avant-garde art with contemporary and so-called primitive culture, objectifying man’s ever-lasting […]

Benjamin Ryan – Benjamin Ryan

With works on display from over a hundred cities in more than thirty countries, the grammar of engaging space through seemingly weightless compositions of the numerous nostalgic Dutch doors of his grandparents’ house to a lonely coffin, Benjamin Ryan confronts the first colossal and fully functional folding chair in the gallery, discussing the possibility of […]


Sydney does not know that I have left. Hobart does not know that I am part of your club.  I’m letting you in on an identified secret. Slipping between the strait to saddle awkwardly remote and centre, one can wear the same attire, dancing the same dances, and get away with it. My island is […]